Water and Sanitation on stable dam levels boosting Integrated Vaal River System

Stable dam levels boost the Integrated Vaal River System

The Integrated Vaal River System (IVRS) continued to surge up this week, placing the system in a stable position as some of the critical dams within it persist to float at firm levels.

Compared to last year at the same time when the system (IVRS) hovered at 56.8%, its present levels are higher at 57.1%. The present levels of the system are equally heathier when judged against the 56.9% at which it stood last week.

Recording an increase for the third successive week, the Vaal Dam rose from 35.7% last week to 36.1% this week. During the comparative period last year, it stood at 42.2%. The rise in the levels of the dam shines a ray of hope for water consumers in and around Gauteng, and moreover for industries heavily dependent on it for water supply.

The Grootdraai Dam, which has been on the increase week-on-week, has seen a drop this week. However, it fell from last week’s 83.5% to 82.9% this week. Last year’s levels of 53.0% pale into insignificance when compared to the present levels of the dam.

For the second successive week, the Sterkfontein Dam, which is a reserve dam in the Free, presently stands at 94.9% while last year in the same week it was lesser at 91.3%. The Sterkfontein Dam is one of the critical dams in the system that have held firm over the months.

Equally, the Bloemhof Dam remains at 81.3% for the second consecutive week and but higher compared to the levels of 69.6% during the same week last year.

Both the Mohale and Katse dams continue to face serious distress as they remain in a prolonged predicament as they persist to float under the neutral 50% mark. 

The levels of the Mohale Dam saw a negligible increase from 3.7% last week to 3.9% this week.

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