AgriSA Economics Centre of Excellence

AgriSA’s Economics Centre of Excellence is unwavering in its dedication to the heartbeat of economic freedom: the free market. It’s not just a belief; it’s our foundation for sustainable growth and empowerment.

Vision: Strengthen and position Agri SA in achieving unity in agriculture

Mission: Enabling profitability, viability, competitiveness, and sustainability in South African agriculture

The mandate – Our Driving Force:

  • Economic policies that impact the financial well-being of the farming community.
  • Enhancing value for members, by executing the mandate through dynamic and proactive analysis and insights.
  • Dynamic and proactive analysis and insights
  • Leveraging greater strategic partnerships to achieve objectives and greater policy influence.

Key focus areas:

  • Logistics (Rail & Harbours)
  • Energy
  • Taxation
  • Telecommunications
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Policy & Advocacy