Eskom warns the public against electricity voucher scams promoted on Social Media

Eskom wishes to warn its customers about a scam where a criminal element is pretending to be Eskom. The fraudsters claim that Eskom has changed its banking account and subsequently provides those banking details.

The fraudsters use e-mail addresses closely resembling those of Eskom employees as well as the e-mail signatures of those employees.

Eskom customers are asked to take note that Eskom did not change its banking account and would never send notifications to its customers in this manner. Eskom’s banking details appear on customers’ electricity bill. If in doubt, customers can contact the Eskom Contact Centre on 08600 37566 / ESKOM for verification.

Customers who suspect that they might have been targeted by the fraudsters are requested to take all supporting documents with them to their nearest police station, and register a criminal case. The incident should also be registered with the fraud department of the relevant bank. Customers who have suffered a loss is requested to provide the SAPS case number, the name of the police station as well as the bank reference number to Eskom’s Forensic department for record purposes. As the fraudsters are not Eskom employee, only SAPS has the mandate to investigate these scams.

To report other incidents of fraud, corruption and irregularities involving Eskom, members of the public are requested to call Eskom’s crime line on 0800 11 27 22 or e-mail to report the incident.