UNCCD launched the 2nd edition of the Global Land Outlook

Land Restoration for Recovery and Resilience

Click on the following link to open the report: UNCCD Global Land Outlook

Healthy and productive land resources – soil, water, and biodiversity – are the foundation of societies and economies. Roughly USD 44 trillion of economic output (more than half of global GDP) is moderately or highly reliant on natural capital. However, in recent decades, land resources have been subject to persistent degradation and loss due to global patterns of human domination. Most countries and communities now recognize the urgent need to transform land governance and restore natural capital to create meaningful jobs, reduce emissions, and restore harmony with nature.3 Whether in managed or natural ecosystems, these activities can only be sustained by targeted government policies and budget outlays, considerable shifts in consumer demand and corporate investment, and more inclusive and responsible governance – all of which must come together to support regenerative land and water management practices on the ground.