Clarity on regulations urgently needed

Agri SA is seeking greater clarity on the following reference in the latest Level 4 regulations: ‘Gatherings at auctions are not permitted’.

“Does it mean that auctions may take place but people may not gather together? Which auctions are applicable here?” asks Christo van der Rheede, executive director of Agri SA.

Does it refer to all auctions, including auctions of property and other assets, as well as farm auctions? “Agri SA wants clarity,” says Van der Rheede. “The fact that agriculture was declared an essential service requires that livestock auctions should continue. What about livestock auctions that have already been scheduled?”

Agri SA wants to know how practical it is when the presence of people is restricted. “Auctions are vital to the survival of the livestock industry. Further pressure will pose particular risks for the livestock industry, the consumer, as well the availability of meat products.”

Where possible, auctions will now have to be held virtually to continue meeting the demand for livestock. “However, this is not possible in all instances!”

What effect will the restrictions on gatherings at auctions in rural areas have, especially for commercial and emerging farmers and the communities who are dependent on these farmers for their meat?

Agri SA is also seriously concerned about the impact of the total ban on wine and broader alcoholic beverage industry. The economic impact of the regulations on restaurants, tourism and others, such as the game industry, will further aggravate their situation.

“Where are the aid packages to support the wine, broader alcoholic beverage, restaurant and tourism industries?” Van der Rheede wants to know.


Christo van der Rheede Agri SA, Executive Director (C) 083 380 3492